New Single available on iTunes now!

When I Last Saw YouHey gang! we’re so excited to share our newest music with you, and hope you’ll share it with those you love!
we’ve waited on the edge of our seats for these songs to finally finish up, and despite all the challenges we’ve faced along the way, we’ve finally arrived with our new single “When I Last Saw You” now available on iTunes pre-order! just click on the picture above, and you’ll be taken right to the iTunes store to get your very own copy!

Welcome Back, Erin

A Mayfield Affair-1125


Today couldn’t be a more exciting day. Today we welcome Erin Lancaster back into Mayfield. Together we’ve created some of the best music of our lives, and we want you all to be as excited about it as we are!  So share this with your friends, and check back tonight for the first peek of Erin and Ben singing together again!

01 1-3 A Mayfield Affair-1080-2